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As a child, I was always busy with my hands, preferably with soft materials such as fabrics and yarn.
I was knitting my first sweater when I was 8 years old! I don’t remember from whom I learned, my mother and both grandmothers also worked with their hands, my grandfather knotted carpets. I didn’t learn it from a stranger.
On paper I designed my own wardrobe, in practice, they became clothes for my Barbies and my dolls!


It was a logical choice for me to go to The Academy of Arts.
I went into Fashion Design, I could put all my talents into it. Besides designing and sewing, I also loved making drawings and dyeing fabrics in the screen printing department. But I also enjoyed designing presentations, doing research, organizing fashion shows, I was there in my element!
I was given complete freedom and preferred to work on intuition; respond to coincidences and see what arises at the moment. That’s how I created the most beautiful things. I’ve laid the foundation for my own style here.



When my two daughters were born, I stopped doing handwork. Besides my busy job in fashion, I didn’t have time for that anymore. But, as they got older, I longed for doing it again.
I picked up the thread again and also wanted to learn how to crochet because I had never learned that. I’m left-handed, so it used to be difficult, but via YouTube, I managed to do it!


When I discovered Instagram, it all started to flow, I was unstoppable. Here I further developed my own style under the name ‘small but nice’.
Peace, refinement, femininity, nature, rusticity are my elements. I prefer to work with natural materials and as sustainable as possible.
I met other women who also have a passion for wool as I and one thing led to another.
Since then I’ve done some great assignments and I keep designing and dreaming!
Making beautiful things, besides coaching  women, is my favorite thing to do.
I publish my patterns and designs under my own label ‘klein maar fijn’.



~ Borgo de’Pazzi (2017- now).

~ Durable (Dec 2018- now).

~ Inside Crochet Magazine issue 112 (Feb 2019).
~ Koel Magazine Issue (July 2018).
~ The Fibre Company (May 2018).
~ Handmade Living Magazine (2017).


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